AMP Mobile

Google has officially launched its AMP format which makes it possible to display a web page on a mobile device much faster. However, few sites have yet passed the mark, and few AMP results are still visible in SERPs…

Google has therefore launched as planned (and even a few hours ahead of schedule) the AMP format designed to speed up the display of content on mobile web pages. If your site has integrated this format, you can go to the Search Console to check that there are no errors in your specific HTML code.

When content in AMP format is available, a pictogram (a white flash in a green circle) :)displays below or next to it. The system is being deployed so if you don’t see this type of page yet in your results, it should be soon… But let’s note that it would seem that, for the moment, very few sites have passed the mark yet some have already given their feedback on this technology). The green lightning should not invade our pages for some time…{:}{:in}Google has officially launched sti format AMP that allows you to display much more quickly a web page on a mobile device. Few sites, however, have yet to come in, and little results AMP are still visible in the SERP…

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