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Website creation

Our objective ?

The success of your project In the management of a web project, nothing is left to chance, every detail counts. We discuss your project together, we analyze your problem to offer you the best strategy adapted to your needs.

Questions and answers on project management tools.

Formalize your need:

Once you have sent us the specifications, we will give you a report to ensure that the need has been identified. Of course, we remain available throughout this process

Web Project :

The success of a web project depends less on the initial idea than on its execution. Do you have a web project? We explain how to implement it successfully and how to achieve your goals.

development and creative Concept

Before starting to build a website, it is necessary to define the desired deployment and interfaces beforehand.

All the tools necessary to efficiently create your site are at your disposal: perfect alignment of modules, multi-selection tool, page and module cloning tool, background modules, …

All the web options can be added to a site as and when (after the site is online) or ideally from the design of the website. Our webmaster team ensures the web development of your site, according to your needs and the changes you want to bring.

Maintenance and updating

We are coming to the end , but this is not necessarily the end of the relationship with the provider . different maintenance actions can be understood:
– backups website
– site administration
– bug fixes
– updating of modules

the follow-up will continue depending on the needs of our customers (seo ):
– Site indexing on google .
– Setting up google console ( sitemap + robots + … )
– The Configuration and relationship of google analytics site.

Mes compétences web

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