Mobile marketing challenges for 2018

Augmented reality at the mobile marketing level

As the technical capabilities of our devices evolve, mobile data and the value of mobile applications change. In 2016 and 2017, many mobile marketers expanded their mobile strategies to take advantage of both pedometer and wearable functionality.

As we start 2018, marketers will begin to recognize the increased potential of augmented reality (AR), but also of the new data signals provided : for example, an AR application producing a fun overlay on the face where the user’s environment also provides marketers with location data information.

Smart marketers will look not only for amazing user experiences, but also for creative ways to use the new data generated by these interactions.

The challenges of advertising fraud in 2018

In 2018, marketers will spend more than ever on mobile advertising – surprising, isn’t it ?

What is amazing is that marketers accept advertising fraud as a cost, and increase advertising expenses despite the fraud. The marketers do not know what the different types of fraud are or where the bad players are coming from, let alone how to stop them, as mobile advertising continues to evolve and become more sophisticated, as does fraud.

In the coming year, advertisers and agencies will invest more in acquiring the knowledge, skills and tools needed to fight mobile advertising fraud, thereby increasing their ability to understand it and minimize its impact so that advertisers get better performance from their campaigns. – especially with the arrival of the iPhone X-and marketers who are better able to fight against mobile advertising fraud will have a competitive advantage.

Predictive analysis of 360°marketing data

Today, marketers have better quantitative and qualitative 360-degree perspectives than ever before, but our expectations of these perspectives are expected to change over time. We not only want to collect more and better data, we also want to understand it and use it to improve knowledge, relationships and customer conversions.

In a sense, we have moved from data collection to activation and automation. Today’s most advanced companies use the mobile as the backbone for all customer interactions and reap the benefits of this investment in 360-degree marketing data.

However, we do not have and will never be able to achieve 100% customer insight. This level of intimacy, understanding and activation is not an arrival point, but a journey to more, better and smarter data.

The growth of connected businesses, mobile devices and robust APIs continues to reveal new data depths to exploit and exploration opportunities. The real winners in 2018 will be those who build knowledge-based businesses, shifting data from collection to activation…{:} {: en}


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