Tips to improve its natural SEO in 2018

In recent years, Google has made major changes to its algorithms.

This has changed SEO SEO SEO quite radically.

It must be said, however, that this is an inescapable technique for boosting its presence on the web.

There is no point in having a website if it is not visible on the various search engines.

How to improve its natural SEO for 2017 ?

This is the main question that entrepreneurs have been trying to answer for some time.

Here are the best tips to follow.

1 – First, respect the fundamentals

To succeed in your natural SEO strategy, you must first respect the fundamental principles that will allow you to achieve a better positioning.

First of all, it is necessary to focus on internet users at the expense of search engines. They are your customers and not Google.

This is easy to understand : there is no point in bringing traffic to your website if your visitors do not turn into customers.

To achieve this, it is important to offer the user quality information that he can easily share with his loved ones.

Indeed, netizens are impatient and unfaithful : they do not hesitate to go to the competitor if you do not succeed in keeping them. Worse if your content is not attractive and your visitors leave the site quickly, your positioning will be degraded by Google in terms of the rate of rebound on your page

2 – Don’t just position yourself on a single keyword

On average, internet users ‘ requests are estimated to consist of 4 words.

This remark is all the more true with the voice search. Users can search for something directly and get precise answers without having to type anything in. This trend also affects keywords since people fill in entire sentences when they search. So this could be an opportunity for you. Instead of positioning itself on a very competitive keyword, why not work its SEO on more complex and less competitive queries.

Tool to find out the volume of search for key phrases on Google and related keyword suggestions :

3 – Be more localized

The search engine now places great importance on geographic positioning and this trend is likely to continue.

Thanks to the technologies of geolocation and cross canal, we will soon reach the level of a city, but of a much more precise zone ! The consequences in terms of SEO may be very interesting. You can create more research niches.

Tool to verify its positioning in the results pages of Google :

Tools to check the SEO technical level of your site :

4 – Choose netlinking !

For those who don’t know much, netlinking is very popular with SEO specialists.

Indeed, it simply refers to the act of creating links. However, there are several ways to create a link : in a natural way (mention of a site, Quote of a site, etc.) or even the inscription on a web site.

In any case, netlinkling helps to improve the positioning of a page based on the keywords on which the links were created.

In other words, if you really want to position your website as one of the best search results, you may also need to think about creating links.

Whether or not creating linkages is important depends on the level of competition.

If the number is small but the website has quality content, you will not need to create it.

Conversely, when your site is not optimized and you want to position it in a competitive sector, creating links could help you a lot.

Tool to monitor its competition and their backlink :

Tool to find potential backlinks locations :

5 – Use the outgoing links

It has to be said that most entrepreneurs are selfish about outgoing links.

In fact, they always say that they are not advantageous and that they help to let go of customers already hard-earned.

However, there are several advantages to using outgoing links.

Each time you create an outgoing link to another site, you give service to its owner. You give a backlink that will help your seo. However, life teaches us that when you do something good for someone, they often feel obliged to give you back the lift. Do you see the connection ? It’s the same thing that happens about SEO. However, you will need to make sure that this person is aware that you have given them a link by sending them an email or a tweet. That way, you’ll have a good chance of sharing your article on Twitter or Facebook without even asking her.
Also, when you link to a web site, it’s probably because it’s interesting. Increasing its credibility on social networks will also allow your site to have more credibility.
Second, it must be said that outgoing links significantly improve your credibility within your customers. If your expertise is recognized in the field, why not demonstrate it by creating external links to other quality sites. Among internet users, this may simply indicate that you know the best sources of information. They will have much more confidence in your website.
When you link to relevant sites, you give Google a strong signal that your website is legitimate. On the other hand, when you link to low-profile sites, this will not help you improve your SEO at all. In other words, work with relevant and recognized sites to improve your reputation. In real life, the same is true, because you can’t pretend to have a good reputation if you hang out with gangsters.
Tool to calculate its SEO authority score:

Authority analysis and third party site traffic tool :

#6 Improve your SEO by optimizing your semantic cocoon

We wrote a whole article on the aspect: semantic cocoon.

This is a set of internal netlinking of lower level pages that brings semantic authority to your pages. The pages written by a link have a semantically similar content, and are linked with contextualized links. For example, if you are referring to an article that talks about diet and in this page you are referring to a page that deals with cooking utensils, your page will have less semantic weight than if you are referring to a page that deals with dietary supplements.

Another technique related to the semantic cocoon is cloaking. White hat cloking consists of presenting Google’s indexing robot with content different from that presented to an internet user (using the user-Agent HTTP field to identify the robots). Plain and simple Google will Index a page which is present differently to the diginauts. This is a technique that has been handled with great caution, as it can result in penalties for ranking by search engines.for the past few years, Google has made profound changes to its algorithms.


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